Manufacturing methods

Die-casting (press molding)
Die- casting means the process in which liquid aluminum is compressed with high pressure into a metallic form (mold cavity) with help of an injection piston.

Advantages of Die casting;
Excellent technology for manufacturing complex parts
Facilitating low weight at details
Increased lifetime of the tools permits large production series
Tighter tolerances
Rapid solidification leads to a better microstructure (grain size) and makes the material strong
Provides excellent surface finish

Cold chamber casting:
Cold casting means the process in which both halves of the tool (mold cavity) are heated and assembled. Afterwards, the melt is manually poured into the opening on the upper part of the tool.

The benefits of Cold casting:
Low investment costs
Designed for small and medium series (10-10 000 units)
Flexible production
High dimensional accuracy and strength
Recyclable materials and low retail price