Bemic Diecating AB

1945 was Carlsson & Sons founded as an iron foundry by Rudolf Carlson, the great-grandfather of our current CEO Daniel Ekdal. After the war there was a necessity of parts to the paper industry, among other things gearwheels. Rudolph saw a business opportunity, started a company and named it Carlsson & Sons Foundry AB. The foundry has had various forms since and has survived for generations, to today when Daniel is the company’s CEO.

1959 the foundry was shut down and Daniel’s grandfather Nisse Carlsson started the foundry again, but now with the new concept of sand cast aluminum parts. Aluminum was on the rise and Nisse wanted to be on the frontline of this development. The largest customers were during the 60´s and 70´s Bentoneverken (Enertech) and Vibroverken (Dynapac AB) – the products were mainly oil burners and compactors.

Nisse Karlsson ran the foundry until 1978, when it was shut down. 1985, his son Bengt Carlsson started up again. The reason was that a company in Ljungby area, who knew the Carlsson family well, needed help with casting. Bengt started up again in the form of a die casting. When starting in 1985, there were three people who worked in the company, in 1994 they were 10 and 1999 there were over 20 people employed in the company named Bemic cast metal AB – Be after Bengt and Mic after Bengt’s oldest son, Michael.

2006 Bemic cast metal AB received the prize Årets Gasellföretag in the county of Kronoberg.

At the end of 2008 production was 10 tons AL goods per week and Bemic had 23 employees. In the beginning of the well known recession, during the last weeks of 2008, the number of orders went through the floor and after only three months there was a demand of 1 ton per week. Demand decreased by 90% in 3 months. Despite the good economy and a stable organization, there was no possibility to reorganize the company.

In connection with this, Bengt sat down with his sons Daniel and Stefan, who at the time were employees of the company, to talk through the situation. The result was that Daniel Ekdal took over as CEO and that Bemic cast metal AB was renamed Bemic Diecasting AB. Production never stopped, which meant that customers were NOT affected.

During the first year 2009, Bemic Diecasting AB’s largest customer went bankrupt without any warning, so that several weeks of production became worthless. Obviously this influenced this year’s results, but Daniel managed to avoid the worst of the outputs and in 2010 he re-stabilizes the company.

The last three years events, made Daniel start to think about the new company Bemic Diecasting AB’s core business and strengths, and concluded that the experience, expertise and flexibility of the company today, will be used to create a high level of service to its customers. Bemic Diecasting AB must be a company that is available, i.e., always has the time and expertise to quickly help clients from concept to full production. For this reason, pressure foundry was built out with a Cold casting-part. Cold casting gives a significantly greater flexibility, because cheaper tools can be used in casting. This in turn means the possibility of smaller series.

Wonder if Rudolf Karlsson, when he started the company in 1945, could have imagined that his great grandson, more than 65 years later, still with great enthusiasm would drive Bemic into the future…